Crossgates Bioenergetics is a rapidly expanding vibrant company established in the late 1990’s by Julie Dodgson, a dedicated and well respected complementary therapies professional. Julie is a fully trained Homeopathic practioner. She is dedicated to helping people and their animals to stay healthy through holistic therapies.

Julie’s passion for human and animal complementary therapies led her to investigate the benefits of homeopathy and, in particular the science of bioenergetics, as a means of improving well being naturally after herself experiencing a chronic illness for over a year when the doctors said they couldn’t do anymore.

The company originally set about developing testing techniques, tinctures and remedies for agricultural livestock. It was applicable to humans also so a separate division was set up doing human remedies and consultations.

Natural toxin free remedies are becoming increasingly popular, people are keener then ever to look into whether there are suitable natural remedies to aid their health and that of their animals. At Crossgates Bioenergetics Ltd, based in Settle, North Yorkshire we have been supplying remedies and Energetic Testing since 1998 and now have customers all over Britain, Ireland and Europe.

We supply Bioenergetic remedies in tablets or sprays, Tinctures, Flower Essences, Creams, Remedy kits, Energetic Testing, Homeopathic books, Unpasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Organic Seaweed and Probiotics for animals.Products are available for all animals, poultry and humans.

Originally the business began with the aim of supplying remedies and Energetic Testing for farm livestock. As we have expanded, separate equine, canine, poultry and human departments have been developed. With all staff in the animal side of the business coming from farm, equine or domestic animal related backgrounds many people comment on how relieved they are to be able to speak to friendly staff that understand their animals specific needs.

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